Just Another Day

Day 7 into February.

Counting the days to the Chinese New Year Holiday. I wanna count my blessings but it seems as though a lot of unwanted happenings have happened. My car broke down two days ago, and i just received news that it will take 4,000$ to repair. Eurgh. Money come, money go. Will probably source other options regarding the car during the upcoming holiday.

Other than that, I have a love-hate relationship with my job. Sometimes it scares me to death when I see a phone call from some of the consultants. Worrying about all the issues that need to be resolved. I wonder if that really is just what my job involves or whether it means I am not doing my job right. I wish I knew where the line was. But then when I to work on a design project, its great. I love it.

Speaking of design, I’ve been so busy the past few days I’ve not lived up to my resolution of sketching something each day. Will have to work on it.

Just Another Day

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