Public Holiday Week Off


Its the year of the Snake and its the biggest most important celebration for the Chinese, Chinese New Year,also known as the Spring Festival. I do not celebrate this festival but I find it interesting to note that this festival became significant through myths and tradition.. But then also, most of the other festivals have similar origin….. Even Valentines Day (which is today!) – World Book Encyclopedia tells us that this day comes on the feast day of two different Christian martyrs. But the customs connected probably come from an ancient Roman festival which honored the Roman goddess of women and marriage and the god of nature!

I got the week off from work becaue of Chinese New Year! Its been a great week filled with catching up with friends, going out and about, drinking coffee, and of course, sketching! Haha. I actually managed to do quite a few sketches this week. (And am proud of myself if its not already obvious!) With this sketch, the proportion and perspective seems abit off! Hm. Will have to work on that point!

Public Holiday Week Off

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