Inspiration oh inspiration

Been working on a new design project these days! Basically its a 3 block 17-storey condominium.. Currently in the conceptual stage,we’re proposing to have a car lift because we were so inspired by the Hamilton Towers, Singapore designed by KOP Group. 


ImagePicture Credit to Decoist

I think this is concept of having a car lift takes the idea of luxurious living to the maximum level! It’s like having your own car porch in the sky. Who needs bungalows anymore? This is great! Hence, along that line of the car lift, we came out with a basic sketch of how the floor plan massing would look like and I’m trying to find a few inspirations as to what we can propose for the overall design. We wanna go with something of a double skin system? But I guess I just wanna explore a few ideas first. 


This is all I;ve got so far. Will post progress sketches as I go. 😀


Inspiration oh inspiration

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