Design Ideas


Two things I wanted to post about today. My realization this morning that I am a body lotion collector. Haha. And I have so many of them. And they all smell really sweet and fruity. Haha. These are my few favorites! 🙂

And the second realization was the need for design concepts! How DOES one come up with a design concept? I consulted a few friends and mostly the feedback I got was related to finding something interesting on site to focus on, or browsing Archdaily for ideas. But really, HOW? Some days concepts just come to my mind, but most of the time they seem to be hard to come up with. I usually start with brainstorming key words and ideas related to the design and then work from there~ As can be seen from the above picture, am currently facing a design bloc. Cant seem to gel the ideas together. At the moment, I have the Yacht and the looks-like-its-been-bitten-into-facade. Haha. Trying to make it work but I agree with Kelvin that it needs a stronger concept. Hence, HOW DO I COME UP WITH A STRONGER CONCEPT? Ideas anyone?

Design Ideas

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