So the other day, I was browsing through some blogs and was intrigued by what I saw! The art work by Aakash Nihalani and Alex Menocal. I found their work mind boggling! Perhaps it is me who lives in a small world and did not know who they are or what work they’ve done but I was truly impressed and inspired by the fact that just TAPE can create such beautiful things. It really goes to show how even the most common things around us can be transformed into something beautiful. Amazing. Truly inspiring.

Some of the photos here I’ve taken from the websites of Aakash Nihalani and Alex Menocal and some of the work featured on designboom.





So after I saw all this, I was inspired to do my own 3D art. Although it didnt turn out as amazing, I am kinda proud of it and it is now on display on my wall. I used ice-cream sticks which i bought from the art shop and UHU Glue. šŸ™‚



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