Big Hug

So work has been CRAZY the past few weeks! Just not been able to do anything creative lately! Haha.

Big Hug Burger recently opened in Subang Square SS15 and was the talk of the town. So we decided we just HAD to visit this place. And it was not a disappointment!

To begin with, we did loved the interior design especially the wall treatments. Full of interesting details and photos. We were welcomed by a cuteeeee big hugable bear when we walked in the door! And the owner, a cheerful lady behind the cashier who recommended us which burgers were the best. Their patty is imported from Australia – yummy, fat and juicy! The owner used to be a teacher but now she wants to give back to society by serving quality and healthy food for a good price for everyone to enjoy. For RM15+ you can get a burger, fries and a soft drink with free refill. On the menu is a choice of bun which includes wholemeal, sesame and charcoal. This time we tried the wholemeal and sesame. (We’ve vowed to try the charcoal next time though.) We did love the herb sprinkled fries. Although not crispy, we still loved the fluffy texture and herbs. 🙂

We will definitely come back again! 🙂

On the left: Mario Beef Burger house-made grilled patty, roasted cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions, mozzarella & cheddar cheeses, gherkins & lots of crisp lettuce. So yummy~
And on the right-Honolulu Chicken Burger with almost similar ingredients minus the mushrooms and garlic but still as good.

Drinks and snacks bar! Free flow of drinks and we loved the marshmallows in the corner!


Big Hug

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