Raw Architecture

Trending at the moment is the idea of raw architecture. By raw I refer to the idea of exposed materials as an intended finish for a building. The idea of exposed brick and cement, exposed piping in ceilings etc etc. To be honest I really love this kind of interior finishes but it makes me wonder if I could actually live with such a design. Whether the other half of me would prefer my walls to be plastered and painted instead of exposed brick or whether I would wake up and want my floors to be tiled instead of cement rendered. Its a strange feeling of wanting both.

I love the works of SEKSAN DESIGN and I’ve visited a few buildings they’ve worked on. I really do love their landscaping concepts and design. I feel connected to it. The sublime and peaceful feeling their design evokes is amazing. In my mind at the moment, the one place I hope to visit and perhaps stay in is their Sekeping Serendah. I want to experience this “raw architecture” and see how it feels to live in it. I’ve put together a few visuals from Seksan’s website.

aPhoto Credits : From here.

Raw Architecture

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