Freelance and Sacrifice

We all need to make sacrifices in life. One of them for me lately is freelance work. Not just design but also managing a website for someone. To be honest, it’s hard. And it really gets to me sometimes. Especially when all my clients tend to be so demanding. But also I guess partly is because I also want to do so many things all at the same time that by the end of the week I am just exhausted!

Someone told me recently that in life nothing comes easy. If we want/need money, we need to put in the effort. Ah, but its draining. So sometimes I feel like going on strike and just not doing what i should be doing. Like watching korean dramas or daydreaming about some unreality. Haha.

But yeah, we all need to make sacrifices. I need to learn to face up to mine. Life isnt easy and we should and need to work hard to get what we want. With less self-tantrums and more discipline I can make it!

You can do it, Mel!

Freelance and Sacrifice

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