Twenty Fourteen



Eleven days into the new year. How has it been treating you? We all look forward to new things, promise ourselves to move on and try to do everything better than how we did the previous year. I think my resolution this year is to live and do all the things I want to do without any regrets. Take everything one day at a time and to be positive. Look on the flipside. That’s my goal this year I think. To weigh out situations, to look on the positive side whenever I feel negative and of course to improve my chinese! I have been learning Chinese for a year now and It has been great so far so let’s look forward to an amazing year ahead. 🙂

I’m also pretty excited to go to Korea! I’ve got a list planned out and althoughhhh I have a bad feeling I will not be able to see everything, I’m pretty much excited to be just going anyway! Been reading alot of blogs of expats in Seoul and also of just random Korean blogs and everyone seems to be having a great time! So i’m excited!

Been going through some fashion styles for Winter. I’m not too sure if I will actually need a down jacket for my trip though. I’ve been reading several blogs and some say yes and some say no. I look horrible in my downjacket so am not really looking forward to having to wear that though. Hm.

Other than that, been pretty interested in parametric design but am a little disappointed that I need to use Grasshopper to do it. But at the same time, having done a little research, to  understand the concepts behind it I need to go through major math equations and physics. Gave me a headache this afternoon!

Having said that, let’s look forward to having fun, going crazy and living adventurously this year!

Twenty Fourteen

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