Choosing “the one”.

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I’ve been receiving a lot of advice recently on how to choose the right guy from all kinds of older “aunties”. Thought i’d share some of the advice I’ve been given:

  1. Choose the guy who loves you more than you love him. Girls are more likely to give more in a relationship. Guys will only meet you halfway. So if you choose the guy who loves you more, eventually you will still be the one giving more. (Almost every Auntie said this!!)
  2. Don’t say yes too fast. Tell him you want to meet other guys. See how he responds. If he’s willing to wait for you, then you’ve got a keeper.
  3. His driving style will tell you about his personality. If he has road rage / starts cursing at other drivers, that’s a warning sign right there!
  4. Watch the way he treats waiters and waitresses. If he’s nice to them, you can be sure he will be nice to you too.
  5. Punctuality. If he makes you wait for him especially on the first date, you should know that you’re gonna be waiting for him your whole life.
  6. The way he treats his mother will show you how he will treat you later on after marriage. The reason? His mother was the only woman in his life until you came along.
  7. Take time to get to know him. Go for coffee, movies etc. Hang out with his friends and see how he treats them. There’s no rush.
  8. You don’t want a guy who is always busy and going out. If he is, when you settle down, he’s going to be the guy who wants to go hang out with his friends rather than spending time with you.
  9. Take note of the little things he does for you. If he does things for you, you know he’s a keeper.
  10. He should be able to make you smile. If he makes you smile and laugh, you’ll be laughing all your life.
  11. Make sure he can buy you milk powder It’s not that money is the most important thing in life, but you don’t want to be struggling all your life.

After spending an entire night with this auntie I had only met because she was sitting beside me, she said, “Have fun. There’s no need to rush and make a decision. Take your time to get to know someone because you don’t want to make a decision you will regret your whole life. Don’t worry. You will definitely know when you meet the right one. “

Feel free to comment on the above and to add on to the list!

Choosing “the one”.

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