Learn to Live A Little

This is kind of a side note that I’ve been wanting to write. It’s about a group of people that I met while on holiday at Club Med recently. They were a group of 5 french people, probably in their 50s made up of 2 couples and 1 single woman.

What I really admired about this group was that they were there to have fun even though they may have been a little older. Everyday I would see them hanging out together, smoking, laughing, playing cards, sunbathing or whatever. They were always happy and just having fun. At night, they would be the ones on the dance floor, or if the MC for the night asked for volunteers, they would be the first to raise their hands and step up for the challenge no matter how ridiculous. Impressively some of the ladies even wore their 5 inch heels and danced all night on the dance floor! (I thought to myself, I would not even be able to dance or run in such high heels!!)

This just made me think that no matter how old we are, we should learn to let go and just have fun. Not being afraid of how we may look to others, or not doing something just because we worry about being judged. Why not, just live our life and party like we’re twenty even at 50 years old?!

The point is, learn to live life a little and do what makes you happy. Step out and do that crazy thing that you would never do on a normal day. Of course we should be mindful of where we decide to act crazy but yeah, why not do it in situations that allow us to?

Learn to Live A Little

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