Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival


The name Japan is synonymous with many things and among them are Sakura’s or Cherry Blossoms.

Tourists from all over the world hope to see these beautiful flowers every year. I was fortunate enough to be in Japan on what happened to be the first day of the Kawazu Cherry Blossom festival.

The Sakura’s in Kawazu area bloom the earliest because of it’s location. Kawazu, located in the Izu Peninsular, is warmer than other parts of Japan in winter which contributes to the sakura’s here blooming a month early.

To be honest, I thought I would not be able to see any sakura’s as I was traveling to Japan in mid February and many friends had mentioned that Sakura’s bloom only in March. So when I reached Kawazu, I was estatic and blown away by this magical beauty. This may sound lame, but in my whole life, I had always wondered what was so special about these flowers, but… when I saw this entire street and river flanked with these Pink Cherry Blossoms trees…it was the most beautiful, magical, amazing sight I had ever seen in my life!

You should definitely catch take the tour to Kawazu if you have the chance! It’s about a 2.5hour bus ride out of Tokyo and the scenery along the way is also beautiful. A day trip would do if you have a tight schedule, but if you can spend the night if you have the time. Whichever you choose, make sure you have your camera’s and phones fully charged so as not to miss out on these beautiful memories!



Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

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