Photoshop Workshop – Emma Poster

Here are some photo’s from the workshop we held over the weekend.

I must say I felt like a proud parent when the students started to remember the Photoshop shortcuts and commands we had taught them in class and were able to “create new layers” and “deselect”.

I’m so proud of all of them. Check out their student works above.

Photoshop Workshop – Emma Poster

Boy Baby Shower

Most recently I worked on a design for a BOY baby shower! This was the first boy shower I’ve done so I was really excited!

The theme colors were blue and yellow.  Also, as the father is French so that also was an inspiration for the card design! To create the backdrop, as the venue had white curtains already I thought it would be an awesome photo backdrop. Simple pom pom flowers were stringed and arranged to create the focal point. Below it, I made a simple banner. It’s pretty easy! You can do it too!

baby shower mockup
Boy Baby Shower Invite

How cute it my cat? 🙂

Boy Baby Shower

Taman Tasik Perdana / Lake Gardens, KL



A bunch of friends and I went to Lake Garden’s for a picnic and to check out the KL skyline at night last Wednesday. I’d been here before during my university days for design studio. I still remember having to draw parts of the park for class!

If you go on a bright and sunny day, you’d be able to catch a beautiful sunset here. Unfortunately, it was cloudy when I went due to the rainy season here in Malaysia. The view at night was beautiful though. I’d recommend it if you want to have a quiet evening and watch the sun go down with some friends.

Do bring mosquito repellent, a fan (the plus side of having a tech person in your group of friends is that they have fancy things like a xiao me fan which we were grateful for!).

It also gets very dark as there were few of no lighting along the walkways so you’d want to be careful about that. The pond wasn’t very well maintained so don’t go with high hopes of a beautiful lake. The night view was nice which we really enjoyed. 🙂

Nearby the park is the National Monument, The Islamic Arts Museum, The National Mosque and KL Butterfly Park. 

Get there by car / taxi / or you can get the KL Hop On Hop Off Bus

Don’t be shy to write in the comments below if you’ve been here and had a good time or if know of any other cool things nearby! I’d love to hear back from you!

Taman Tasik Perdana / Lake Gardens, KL

Photoshop Workshop

Hey all!

We’ve organized a 2 session 1 day photoshop workshop where we will cover all the basics of how to use photoshop as well as touch on how to do a presentation layout board. This will be great for both school as well as work presentations.

If you’re interested / want more details, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

If you know of someone who would be interested, do help us get the word around and share this post! Thanks!

The details are as follows:

photoshop V3-2A2photoshop V3-2A


Photoshop Workshop

Do it, then fix it as you go

Photo Source

“Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it. Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you go, and fix it along the way…”

-Paul Arden

Recently a friend of mine told me that many people are afraid to quit their jobs without a secure plan yet I did it without one. Does that make me brave or silly?

To be honest, I had been thinking about this and although there are days when I miss the security and routine of the 9am -10pm job, there are also days I embrace the new flexible life. It’s not easy to continue in a path which those close to you feel is difficult or different but once you take that step, try your best to make it work. However, perhaps it’s also important to do what you feel you need to do so you don’t regret.

“It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.”

-Paul Arden

Have you ever not done something and then regretted it later on?

Life and time don’t wait for us. We cannot turn back time and we cannot fast forward time. However, if we live to regret, that is going to stick with us for a long time.

What do you think? Do you live by what is convenient or do you believe in taking risks?

“If you always make the right decision, the safe decision,
the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else”

-Paul Arden

Do it, then fix it as you go

Design Sunday – RGB vs CMYK

A Little Cupcake, A Lot of Fun

CUPCAKE FUN MOCKUPSo I was inspired to design this cupcake invite to a party I planned to throw for some of my friends. It had been awhile since we had some fun, so I decided to take it one step further and design a card!

We love getting together to have a good time with friends and to have lots of sweet eatables. This is the inspiration for my card! Let me know what you guys think!

Design Tip of the Day : RGB VS CMYK

During the design process, it may be easy to overlook our colour mode. However, I learnt this the hard way and so I’ve decided to highlight this. We should not assume that what we design on the computer when printed will come out as exactly as what we see on the screen.

REMEMBER : Anything web designed – RGB colour ; Anything To Be Printed – CMYK colour

RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue. This really  means that it uses these basic colours to make up the other colours.

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.

Our computers emit light and show colour in red,blue and green. They are also able to emit colours in a limited range. Overlapping the primary colours red, blue and green gives rise to secondary colours cyan, magenta and yellow. Printed products usually require the four colour process CMYK. *if you notice, your printer cartridge at home may even show this!*

Printers that accept RGB modes, will convert to CMYK automatically and from first hand experience, this results in faded and dull colours when printed! The final print was so far off the actual colour I had designed for! I ended up reprinting the whole set of invitations.

So, always convert your files to CMYK for better print results and a better final outcome!

Source: Colours for the Web and Colours for Print



Design Sunday – RGB vs CMYK

Design Sunday – Wedding Program

Usually Sunday’s tend to be the most relaxed day of the week and therefore was most inspiring! I’ve designed a wedding program in the bright colors that I felt reflect nicely on the Indian theme.

If you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding, you would know that it is always full of bright colors and great music and lots of dancing!

indian theme

Like this design? Buy it here! 🙂

On another note, I’d like to add a tip for those wanting to do flat lays in design or even photography. There’s this thing called “mockups”. These are basically prototypes of items, it could be a plant, ipad, computer screen, coffee, the list goes on. You can buy them or get free mockups and use them to showcase your designs! Forget about the long hours it takes photographing your item in the perfect light and say goodbye to shadow issues!  Mockups are the way to go! Try them out today! Leave a link of your work in the comments below or leave a comment if your have anything to add. I would love to hear from you! ❤

Design Sunday – Wedding Program