April is here! Reminds me or rainbows and butterflies~~~

Elaine and I ended march with a new coffee shop in Bangsar. We’ve heard good reviews about it so we decided to add it to our list of cafe’s to try out. Coffee Coffea in Bangsar was packed out. We ordered the Maestro Cappucino and Caramel Coolist for drinks and decided to try out the Hummingbird cake. The Coolist was a little too sweet for me but it did have a happy taste to it which I did like.

We really enjoyed the Cappucino. It was a good balance between being not toooo milky and not too sweet. The Hummingbird was really good too. Not too sweet and full of nuts! Really yummy. Although, I was not too sure about the cream cheese (I think) topping. :/ The baristas were really friendly and the atmosphere was pretty goood. The atmosphere was a little on the dark side for me, and the choice of furniture was more hardscape furniture which was okay-ish for doing work etc etc, but I’m a fan of sofa’s so I may be biased in this case. I did love their little woven chairs which I unfortunately do not have any pictures of. But for the record, they were actually really comfy to sit on although they are a little lower than usual chair seating heights. I did enjoy the overall interior design but mostly i really loved the idea of how they mimic concrete panels for the wall finish. I believe it was painted to look like concrete panels. (An interesting and cheaper alternative!)

I did love the design on the tissue. Haha. CLEAN.