Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival


The name Japan is synonymous with many things and among them are Sakura’s or Cherry Blossoms.

Tourists from all over the world hope to see these beautiful flowers every year. I was fortunate enough to be in Japan on what happened to be the first day of the Kawazu Cherry Blossom festival.

The Sakura’s in Kawazu area bloom the earliest because of it’s location. Kawazu, located in the Izu Peninsular, is warmer than other parts of Japan in winter which contributes to the sakura’s here blooming a month early.

To be honest, I thought I would not be able to see any sakura’s as I was traveling to Japan in mid February and many friends had mentioned that Sakura’s bloom only in March. So when I reached Kawazu, I was estatic and blown away by this magical beauty. This may sound lame, but in my whole life, I had always wondered what was so special about these flowers, but… when I saw this entire street and river flanked with these Pink Cherry Blossoms trees…it was the most beautiful, magical, amazing sight I had ever seen in my life!

You should definitely catch take the tour to Kawazu if you have the chance! It’s about a 2.5hour bus ride out of Tokyo and the scenery along the way is also beautiful. A day trip would do if you have a tight schedule, but if you can spend the night if you have the time. Whichever you choose, make sure you have your camera’s and phones fully charged so as not to miss out on these beautiful memories!



Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

A Little Vacation : Tokyo, Japan

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. A lot has changed over the past 6 months! The most memorable one was that I traveled to Japan for 2 weeks!

Japan was amazing.

Honestly, Japan was never ever on my bucket list of places to go (although strange enough Tadao Ando buildings are the buildings I’ve always dreamed of seeing.) so I went with mixed feelings.

When I reached though, it was a whole different world. Tokyo city was eye opening. I loved its density, the busy streets filled with people on their phones or with earphones walking to their next destination, the busy and packed subway stations with people doing pretty much the same thing, and warm and welcoming shopkeepers. I absolutely loved my time there. I would go back again. Here are some prelim photos of my first day in Tokyo.

Destination: Nishi Oii neighbourhood —> Ginza —> Asakusa

Bicycles aren’t uncommon in Japan and they’re very neatly aligned everywhere! This was outside one of the houses around the home we were staying at.



Now, isn’t that a sexy building? 😉


Architecture Note : This is the Asakusa Cultural and Tourist Information Center. This building was designed by Japanese Architects Kengo Kuma and Associates. ❤
Asakusa! Shop for souvenirs and try street food here!!!


Everything is so neatly organized and displayed beautifully.


Sweet Potato Ice Cream – It’s true that ice cream in Japan is yummy and really soft! This was my first sweet potato flavored ice cream and it was awesome!

Some extra information for you :

  1. Subways and metro : Each subway line has its own station, so take note of the lines you need to get on to. I learned this the hard way in Asakusa as I had got there on the JR Line but for my next destination, I had to change to a different line and was confused as to why I couldn’t find the right gate to get to. So, yes, take note!!! This site really walks you through the whole subway and metro thing so do check it out!

-Subway App : I used the Tokyo Rail Map app while I was in Tokyo and it was super helpful.

2) WIFI – I found it really difficult to find free Wifi spots in Japan, so I recommend to yes, do get that pocket wifi or “the egg”. You can “order” it to the place you’re going to stay and when you’re done with it, just drop it into the nearest post box! (It comes with the package for you to mail it back to them so you won’t need to search for packaging etc etc.) Everything in Japan is just so convenient! ❤

3) CLIMATE – It rained while I was there and a friend told me, in Tokyo, when it rains…it rains the whole day! I didn’t believe her, but, it did. ALL DAY. Everyone in Japan checks the weather prediction religiously and for good reason. It’s very accurate. So before you head out, check the weather for the day and if it’s going to rain, well get those umbrellas ready! (Or buy them for 500yen at the nearest convenience store!)

4) ARCHITECTURE – If you’re a student or in the architecture field, do your research on the famous architects because all their buildings will be in your path!!! You don’t want to regret not recognizing them when you walked past! Well, I wouldnt.

That’s all for now. If you’ve got any other tips to add to the list or on the ones already on the list, don’t be shy to write them in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

A Little Vacation : Tokyo, Japan