Do it, then fix it as you go

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“Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it. Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you go, and fix it along the way…”

-Paul Arden

Recently a friend of mine told me that many people are afraid to quit their jobs without a secure plan yet I did it without one. Does that make me brave or silly?

To be honest, I had been thinking about this and although there are days when I miss the security and routine of the 9am -10pm job, there are also days I embrace the new flexible life. It’s not easy to continue in a path which those close to you feel is difficult or different but once you take that step, try your best to make it work. However, perhaps it’s also important to do what you feel you need to do so you don’t regret.

“It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.”

-Paul Arden

Have you ever not done something and then regretted it later on?

Life and time don’t wait for us. We cannot turn back time and we cannot fast forward time. However, if we live to regret, that is going to stick with us for a long time.

What do you think? Do you live by what is convenient or do you believe in taking risks?

“If you always make the right decision, the safe decision,
the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else”

-Paul Arden

Do it, then fix it as you go

Freelancing Life

I don’t think I mentioned this in my previous post but I’ve quit my day job and started to do some freelance work. Freelance design, drafting and authority liason work.

How has it been?

To be honest… It’s been an adventurous month and a month where I learnt alot about myself and working in one’s own time. For example, I found that I need to learn to balance work, family, volunteer work and KOREAN DRAMA time or else I end up trying to catch up on work in the middle of the night. Haha. So if you’re thinking of freelance, you need to work on balancing out your time and having the self discipline to reach your deadlines.

It took me awhile (although I should probably had done more research on freelance life beforehand) to realize that it’s not easy and it means having a pretty unstable life for awhile. Until you actually build up your client base, you may go months without income. So start planning!


Well, some advice I found really helpful was:

  1. Tell everyone you know that you’re going freelance and what kind of jobs you want to take on.
  2. Advertise yourself / create a brand to market yourself.
  3. It helps if you have experience in the field that you choose to freelance in.
  4. Plan your days/ week ahead so that you are able to reach your deadline and have the time in between for other things.

I read up blogs online that gave awesome advice and especially loved the one on Career Foundry on Secrets To become a Successful Freelancer! It opened my eyes to some of the things I wish I had done before I started!

If you’ve been freelancing yourself or just started, I’d love to hear about your experience and tips! Leave them in the comments below!!



Freelancing Life

Learn to Live A Little

This is kind of a side note that I’ve been wanting to write. It’s about a group of people that I met while on holiday at Club Med recently. They were a group of 5 french people, probably in their 50s made up of 2 couples and 1 single woman.

What I really admired about this group was that they were there to have fun even though they may have been a little older. Everyday I would see them hanging out together, smoking, laughing, playing cards, sunbathing or whatever. They were always happy and just having fun. At night, they would be the ones on the dance floor, or if the MC for the night asked for volunteers, they would be the first to raise their hands and step up for the challenge no matter how ridiculous. Impressively some of the ladies even wore their 5 inch heels and danced all night on the dance floor! (I thought to myself, I would not even be able to dance or run in such high heels!!)

This just made me think that no matter how old we are, we should learn to let go and just have fun. Not being afraid of how we may look to others, or not doing something just because we worry about being judged. Why not, just live our life and party like we’re twenty even at 50 years old?!

The point is, learn to live life a little and do what makes you happy. Step out and do that crazy thing that you would never do on a normal day. Of course we should be mindful of where we decide to act crazy but yeah, why not do it in situations that allow us to?

Learn to Live A Little

Choosing “the one”.

love-300x225Image above from here

I’ve been receiving a lot of advice recently on how to choose the right guy from all kinds of older “aunties”. Thought i’d share some of the advice I’ve been given:

  1. Choose the guy who loves you more than you love him. Girls are more likely to give more in a relationship. Guys will only meet you halfway. So if you choose the guy who loves you more, eventually you will still be the one giving more. (Almost every Auntie said this!!)
  2. Don’t say yes too fast. Tell him you want to meet other guys. See how he responds. If he’s willing to wait for you, then you’ve got a keeper.
  3. His driving style will tell you about his personality. If he has road rage / starts cursing at other drivers, that’s a warning sign right there!
  4. Watch the way he treats waiters and waitresses. If he’s nice to them, you can be sure he will be nice to you too.
  5. Punctuality. If he makes you wait for him especially on the first date, you should know that you’re gonna be waiting for him your whole life.
  6. The way he treats his mother will show you how he will treat you later on after marriage. The reason? His mother was the only woman in his life until you came along.
  7. Take time to get to know him. Go for coffee, movies etc. Hang out with his friends and see how he treats them. There’s no rush.
  8. You don’t want a guy who is always busy and going out. If he is, when you settle down, he’s going to be the guy who wants to go hang out with his friends rather than spending time with you.
  9. Take note of the little things he does for you. If he does things for you, you know he’s a keeper.
  10. He should be able to make you smile. If he makes you smile and laugh, you’ll be laughing all your life.
  11. Make sure he can buy you milk powder It’s not that money is the most important thing in life, but you don’t want to be struggling all your life.

After spending an entire night with this auntie I had only met because she was sitting beside me, she said, “Have fun. There’s no need to rush and make a decision. Take your time to get to know someone because you don’t want to make a decision you will regret your whole life. Don’t worry. You will definitely know when you meet the right one. “

Feel free to comment on the above and to add on to the list!

Choosing “the one”.

Freelance and Sacrifice

We all need to make sacrifices in life. One of them for me lately is freelance work. Not just design but also managing a website for someone. To be honest, it’s hard. And it really gets to me sometimes. Especially when all my clients tend to be so demanding. But also I guess partly is because I also want to do so many things all at the same time that by the end of the week I am just exhausted!

Someone told me recently that in life nothing comes easy. If we want/need money, we need to put in the effort. Ah, but its draining. So sometimes I feel like going on strike and just not doing what i should be doing. Like watching korean dramas or daydreaming about some unreality. Haha.

But yeah, we all need to make sacrifices. I need to learn to face up to mine. Life isnt easy and we should and need to work hard to get what we want. With less self-tantrums and more discipline I can make it!

You can do it, Mel!

Freelance and Sacrifice


April is here! Reminds me or rainbows and butterflies~~~

Elaine and I ended march with a new coffee shop in Bangsar. We’ve heard good reviews about it so we decided to add it to our list of cafe’s to try out. Coffee Coffea in Bangsar was packed out. We ordered the Maestro Cappucino and Caramel Coolist for drinks and decided to try out the Hummingbird cake. The Coolist was a little too sweet for me but it did have a happy taste to it which I did like.

We really enjoyed the Cappucino. It was a good balance between being not toooo milky and not too sweet. The Hummingbird was really good too. Not too sweet and full of nuts! Really yummy. Although, I was not too sure about the cream cheese (I think) topping. :/ The baristas were really friendly and the atmosphere was pretty goood. The atmosphere was a little on the dark side for me, and the choice of furniture was more hardscape furniture which was okay-ish for doing work etc etc, but I’m a fan of sofa’s so I may be biased in this case. I did love their little woven chairs which I unfortunately do not have any pictures of. But for the record, they were actually really comfy to sit on although they are a little lower than usual chair seating heights. I did enjoy the overall interior design but mostly i really loved the idea of how they mimic concrete panels for the wall finish. I believe it was painted to look like concrete panels. (An interesting and cheaper alternative!)

I did love the design on the tissue. Haha. CLEAN.