Korea – Day 1 Plan

So remember I planned to go to Korea? Well, its happening! And I am really excited! Here are the list of places I am looking forward to going to :-

1) Gyeongbokgung Palace –  This is near Anguk Station. The photos of this place look amazing and apparently we can get an intergrated palace pass which would give me access to 4 palaces (Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksungong Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace) and the Jongmyo Shrine. Ah, but my brother’s do not want to visit all the palaces. Such a shame. I hope I can visit them all in the end! In case i cant, I will need to choose one. Gyeongbokgung is my first choice i think. Hmm.


Changdeokgung Palace  (Option 1) 


Changgyeonggung Palace – Opt 2

2) Insadong – This is supposed to be a really artsy place. Lots of art and exhibitions and crafts to be found here! And this mall, Ssamziegil is like a must go place! Refer photos which i have taken from the internet below :-Image

Photo Credit To this Blog


I got these two photos from here

So far that’s what I’ve got. I do wanna go to Nami Island but let’s leave that for another night! 🙂

Korea – Day 1 Plan

Korea- Decided to go!

So as per my previous entry where I was indecisive as to whether I wanted to go or not….i finally decided to go. I booked my ticket and I am really excited!

Currently am working on a list of places I want to visit. Among which include the traditional village in Bukchon and the Ice museum/bar in Hong Dae. I am really excited! Haha.

Although as I booked my ticket for Feb, I will need to either invest in or borrow some winter jackets from my friends! Haha. I hope it snows!!! It would then be my first snow experience. LOL.

Okay! I am off to watch a musical at KLCC tonight. Looking forward to it!

Korea- Decided to go!